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The physio with a different perspective

I'm a London trained physiotherapist who graduated in 2000.

Professionally my path took me through various public and private establishments in London, the north of England, Wales and Cornwall. Initially specialising in neurology, fast becoming team leader, then venturing into a private clinic of general physiotherapy, followed on by a post specialising in chronic pain disorders.

I then ran away with a contemporary Welsh Circus, becoming the touring physio for the circus performers ( and also the assistant cook). Through this adventure I met Laure, my French wife, and settled down in France before opening my practice in Terraube, (Gers).

Privately, I took advantage of career breaks and travelled extensively in India and South America, as well as short breaks to Jordan, Kenya, Australia, Fiji, Spain and of course France.

I currently split my work load in to clinic hours , home visits and group classes.

My principle of treatment is three pronged - massage, movement and education.


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